Happy Anniversary, My Beloved

Forty-five years ago today I married you, and you’ve  become my soul mate and partner, my best friend, my mentor and lover.   I was only eighteen, you were almost twenty-one.

Taos Columbine, by Paula Todd King

Young and in love, we embarked that day on a series of adventures, a journey whose ending we’ll not know until we get there.  We experienced many blind curves along our pathway, switchbacks, steep inclines  and unanticipated trials, but for each of those we found countless clear horizons, beautiful vistas,  lush sheltered valleys filled with delight, heart opening sunsets and sunrises, celebrations of the ordinary, the little joys that inspire and transcend the mundane.

We measured carefully and mixed ingredients of love in a way that formed a strong but flexible bond, that endured sacrifice,  life’s tests and hardships.   Trust, honesty, openness, presence, selflessness, acceptance, compassion, patience and generosity, we  blended simply with gratitude for life, a spirit of  curiosity, courage to explore unknown paths, the audacity to dream of what we might create while we lived the circumstance of the moment.  In the spiraling dance of our life we’ve held each other close, but not so close as to dampen or smother the other’s creativity or dreams.

Today we celebrate and are grateful for the life we have.                                                                           We have all we’ll ever need, even as we anticipate new journeys on the horizon,
as we continue to seek and  strive to be the best that we can be,
as we feed the flames of passion that warm cold nights                                                                                                    and brighten even the darkest day.

At the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, NM by Kevin Moul

About Paula Todd King

My passions are my husband Ron, dogs who've blessed me with their love, writing, spending time in nature, meditating, reading, and finding gratitude in every waking moment. Earlier this year I was asked to join The Cloud Foundation as Communications Director,which has allowed me to contribute in a small way to help educate the public about the ongoing threat to our nations' Wild Horse Herds.
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4 Responses to Happy Anniversary, My Beloved

  1. Linda Hanick says:

    Congratulations on your 45th! What a beautiful reflection on your and Ron’s life together. Ah yes, the switchbacks, the steep inclines, the joy, and the passion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aomawa Shields says:

    Happy Anniversary Paula!! Best wishes for continued happiness in the years ahead!

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