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My life’s journey has taken many twists and turns.  We never know what’s around the next bend. I have worn many masks, acted many roles, but the face I look at each morning in my mirror looks back at me with greater love, honesty and openness than any I have worn.

In August 2012 we came around yet another unexpected bend in our path.  For a long time we dreamed of moving back to the West. The mountains around Taos called to us.  I longed to become more involved as a wild horse advocate (see Wild Horse Information). Ron felt inspired by New Mexico light and landscape.  In June we put our house in Summerville, SC on the market, planning a house hunting trip to Taos, NM.  Our house sold in one day.  Now settled in Taos, a new chapter has begun.

From our home in Ranchos de Taos, NM

I came into the world an Army brat, born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and became a tumbleweed with my military family.  We lived in France when I was a child, and in Germany in my late teens, but it seemed like in between we were always on the move.  My grandparent’s farm in central Kentucky was our home place, an anchor in our lives, and it was there I learned the value of belonging to the land.

I found my soul mate in my husband, early in life.  We married when I was just eighteen and he was only twenty.  In joining our live we answered a deeper call, and have grown and flourished in our long and loving relationship.  In that regard I have been very fortunate.

When I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Business in 1981 I decided to make a life in corporate America.  I quickly learned how misguided I had been, and moved on.

In 1985 my husband, Ron and I opened a Great Harvest Bread Company in Lexington, Ky.  For eighteen years we rose early and worked long hours producing and selling wonderful whole wheat bread.  The work was sometimes grueling but it cracked open my heart as we became a beloved business in our community and made many deep heart connections with both staff and customers. As much as we loved it we needed to move on, so we let go and sold the business in December 2002.  It was another passage in my life.

For many years the urge to write haunted me but I never found the courage to begin until I found my teacher – Natalie Goldberg, and Writing Practice. Studying with her helped me start to overcome fear and resistance to writing, to pour my heart out on the page. Writing Practice has become a way to explore my mind and heart as I attempt to write from that truest source of love. Natalie’s retreats at the Mable Dodge Luhan house in Taos, NM have become my annual pilgrimage, the retreat where I go back to beginner’s mind and ground myself in writing from the heart.

I have written several articles  that have appeared in local papers, and am currently working on essays, memoir and fiction.

I have deep yearnings for Kentucky, my homeland but don’t know that I’ll ever be able to live in that beautiful country again.  One must follow the callings of the heart.  I know I’ll always go back to visit, but maybe not to live again.  Its easier to write about my life there from a distance.

Life continues!  When I wake up each morning I am filled with gratitude for the life I live.

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    • Thank you Melissa. We just returned from the Pryor Mountains where we were truly in The Place of Wild Things. Each morning we were awakened by the soft footfalls and peaceful munching of wild horses spending the morning in our campsite – allowing us a place in their world. We would emerge from the tent, sleepy eyed and stand in awe taking in the magical serenity of these beautiful animals in the soft morning light. More than anything I have done in my life, this was a life-changing, heart-opening experience. Wendell describes it beautifully. Thanks for this.

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