Can you imagine? Are you a dreamer?

If the world were 100 people.

When I watch this video I sit back and breathe,

and I try to imagine a world in which all people have the opportunity to be their very best.

When I watch this video it makes me feel grateful,

but it reminds me of all the need that exists in the world.

I, like all people who watch this video, am in the tiny 1% minority.

What small step can I take,

what gesture can I make,

what can I give, say or do that will help, even one individual live a better life?

May we all imagine.

May we all be dreamers.

About Paula Todd King

My passions are my husband Ron, dogs who've blessed me with their love, writing, spending time in nature, meditating, reading, and finding gratitude in every waking moment. Earlier this year I was asked to join The Cloud Foundation as Communications Director,which has allowed me to contribute in a small way to help educate the public about the ongoing threat to our nations' Wild Horse Herds.
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