Mary Oliver – How has her poetry influenced you?

Tell me, what is it
you plan to do
with your one
wild and precious

The Summer Day, by Mary Oliver

I fell in love with Mary Oliver‘s poetry in 2010 while I was attending a writing workshop in Taos, NM.  A fellow writer loaned me a volume of Mary’s poems because I was  unfamiliar with her work.  I took the book back to m y room and as I read Mary’s words, I felt as though I had just found a long lost friend.

Mary Oliver, beloved poet

Four volumes of her poetry now  sit on my desk and whenever I feel lost or disconnected I reach for one and find encouragement and validation.  Her words challenge me to live fully this one precious life that I’ve been given.

This  morning when I opened email, I found the following post on Clarity Works.  Mary is ill and they are accepting email letters to her.  If you would like to let her know how her work has influenced your life, follow the instructions below.


Note from the ClarityWorks Community:
Mary Oliver is seriously ill. A blog has been created by Julie L. Moore and Julie Brooks Barbour where friends, readers and poets can share how they’ve been influenced or changed by Mary’s work.
Here’s their instructions for participating:
If you would like to take part in this project, please email a post, no longer than 200 words, to: (or)
Post your note as in-line text; email attachments will not be read. Posts should be written in letter form, beginning with “Dear Mary”

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My passions are my husband Ron, dogs who've blessed me with their love, writing, spending time in nature, meditating, reading, and finding gratitude in every waking moment. Earlier this year I was asked to join The Cloud Foundation as Communications Director,which has allowed me to contribute in a small way to help educate the public about the ongoing threat to our nations' Wild Horse Herds.
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3 Responses to Mary Oliver – How has her poetry influenced you?

  1. laura finch says:

    Dear Mary,
    I didnt understand poetry, or so I thought, until I discovered Rumi, Hafiz, and you. Beloved Friends. When I lose sense of self, of what really matters, I come to you and remember why I am here. What a precious gift you have given to me, to so many others. With love and gratitude for who you are and I send my love and prayers to you at this vulnerable time of your life. With love, Laura Finch

  2. I love that quote by her! It is one of my all time favorites! Thanks for the request to study her next week. We will do that for sure. If you have a short favorite by her, please let me know :)

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