Wild Horses – Thundering Hoof Beats

Cloud on Pryor Mountain amid the high mountain meadow lupine in early July by Linda Hanick

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  
Mahatma Gandhi

Please join countless others who have worked tirelessly to protect one of our last frontiers, one of our last symbols of freedom.  What our government is doing with taxpayers money in it’s assault against wild horses is cruel, shameful, abhorrent.    Every small action helps.

Thundering Hoof Beats                                              

Sunset on top of Pryor Mountain, Stallion Silhouettes, by Linda Hanick

Thundering hoof beats pound my soul
Manes flying in the wind
I feel your spirit, hear your call
For this senselessness to end.

They come with screaming helicopters
Flying through the sky.
They come with greed and gluttony,
They come to see you die.

Majestic beasts, you once roamed free
And blessed our Mother Earth,
For greed and bulging pockets
They will rob you of new birth.

Captured fathers, murdered mothers,
Whole families interred,
A single foal lies injured,
Starving cries no longer heard.

Roundup at East Douglas, Western Colorado. This is a pen of stallions that were rounded up with helicopters and separated from the families. The big grey stallion was subsequently shot. He was blind in one eye, over 20 years old. Photo by Linda Hanick

Your only crime is freedom,
Your only fault is love,
Your only blemish beauty,
This land built with your sweet blood.

Cries awaken me from slumber
Massive murder, endless loss,
We once called this thing slavery,
Once named it Holocaust.

We saw your brothers vanish,
Buffalo shot down on the plain,
Now here you are, the last frontier,
A noble few remain.

May ghosts of those whose lives were lost
Pound hoof beats on the doors
Of men who say they’re peacemakers,
But are nothing more than whores.

New born baby with his yearling brother who didn't want to play. Pryor Mountain. Photo by Linda Hanick.

They trade you for a burger,
They sell you out for oil,
Silver lines their bulging pockets,
Your blood spills upon free soil.

Every one of us is guilty,
No! Don’t turn your head away!
We let this happen all the time!
We just watch in dismay!

May hoof beats pound our consciousness,
Screaming heard throughout the land,
May all who stand for freedom
Draw a line upon the sand.

Thundering hoof beats pound my soul
Manes flying in the wind
Awake a mighty nation
For this senselessness to end.

To learn more about this tragic situation, visit the websites and view the videos below.  Please, do something, and please share this with all your contacts.

 A very special thank you to Linda Hanick, my dear friend from Estes Park, for her beautiful pictures and for keeping me informed.  

Save America's Wild Horses

The Cloud Foundation

Need to Know: Removing Horses from the Wild

The Vanishing Herds: The Fate of American Mustangs.

Wild Hoof Beats, by Carol Walker

Sandy Elmore, A History of Wild Horses

Pryor Mountain Horses Losing Their Freedom.

Don’t Take My Home, by Pam Nickoles


About Paula Todd King

My passions are my husband Ron, dogs who've blessed me with their love, writing, spending time in nature, meditating, reading, and finding gratitude in every waking moment. Earlier this year I was asked to join The Cloud Foundation as Communications Director,which has allowed me to contribute in a small way to help educate the public about the ongoing threat to our nations' Wild Horse Herds.
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14 Responses to Wild Horses – Thundering Hoof Beats

  1. Deborah Hurley says:

    nice poem thank you for speaking up and out for our precious remaining wild ones! there is no reason to shoot a horse who has made a living for 20yrs in the wild because he was blind in one eye, the fact he survived and still prospered says he has alot to give according to natures laws….tragic.

    • I agree Deborah. We need to do all we can to protect the ones remaining in the wild and to free those in holding. It continues to be a tragic in our nation’s history.

  2. sandra longley says:

    very moving poem-captures the insanity of what is happening..welcome to the fight!

  3. Linda Hanick says:

    Paula, every time I read this, I get chills. You’ve have captured all the emotions, all of the issues, and all of truths about our wild horses. Thank you for crafting all of this into such poignant and honest words.

    • I wrote that after spending the afternoon doing research on all the things going on. Sometimes I just have to stop and cry and then I get so angry. Thank you for your your ongoing inspiration and education. I try to avoid political issues but this thing is different. This is a battle that needs to be waged. I feel like I’m joining up with a group of powerful people with a worthy cause – it feels good, like where I need to be.

  4. Paula – Thank you for making me aware of this. I admire your passionate conviction in all that you do. Much love, and godspeed with your good work.

  5. Aomawa Shields says:

    What a beautiful, courageous, and important poem Paula. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Scott Lutz says:

    Incredibly noble cause Paula. Thanks for all that you do.
    Scott Lutz

  7. Robin Strong says:

    I was missing you, planning for fork on Wed. So reread your poem-it’s so stirring! Hope you get back to writing soon-you know you can share! Robin

    • Thanks Robin. And thanks for reminding me to get back to work. I keep thinking about my website and my writing in general and just need to get back to it. There’s so much to write about I hardly know where to start.

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