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  1. Lannie Stegall says:

    Hi Paula, recording your thoughts by writing them down should be easy for you. I have always found you to be well stocked with them, so unload some of them for us to read, although your storytelling might just be your gift to me. You are the story.

    I had a gift given to me by a young lady sitting in the front of my canoe one time. She said nothing happens to your world unless you allow it. No one else can make that happen, maybe suggest, but not make you allow it. Once you figure that out, the risk of everything else goes way down to a decision level. If the decision is bad, and most are not, just make another and change that one. So what, just don’t put them off too long.

    Good luck, now that you are allowing it. Lannie

  2. sandy wesley jones says:

    Hi Paula:
    I am Sandy Jones , part time resident os Taos Plateau and photographer. My wildlife and landscape prints are currently exhibited at wired cafe. I drove through Wild Horse Mesa Thursday ( day before this snow) and saw no horses. almost no traffic. I am disturbed about the horse murders, and have a horse. Also I would like to find out more about the 2013 round up and the possibility of photographing it. My cell # 575 613 3699. Please call or e mail . thank you for your work. Sandy

    • Hi Sandy, good to hear from you. Some websites to follow on roundups are The Cloud Foundation, Straight from the Horses Heart. I’ll send you some links. So far I don’t have any dates on the roundups. You almost have to follow the BLM postings and even then you can’t always get information. I’ll pass on what I know. I’m trying to get together a wild horse art show and film fest for 2013. We’re new here so I’m just getting to know people. Hopefully after the first of the year I can get some interested people together. I’ll be in touch via email. Best, Paula – Oh, on the shootings, there is a $2000 reward. People know who did it but haven’t been able to pin them down yet. I know Judy Barnes who lives up there and keeps a watch out for the horses. I’ll send you a link to her website.

  3. susan carter says:

    I saw an ad on Craigslist for the rally on April 27th. it didn’t say where? I am trying to find a way to help a free-roaming herd of 40 horses on San Felipe/Santo Domingo Pueblo land. They are STARVING. It is late I’ll write tomorrow.

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